Breaches of information infrastructure security and consequent failures lead to significant reputational and financial losses. Disregarding information security matters can help trespassers penetrate an enterprise network, obtain unlimited IT infrastructure control rights, install malware with non-predictable functionality, etc.


Infrastructure security is at the root of your entire corporate security plan. Amandata will implements systems that improve overall protection and solve specific IT infrastructure problems. Our wide-range product solution will tailored to meet your organization needs.


Anti DDoS Solution

Amandata using the latest and robust  technology to protect your organization from DDoS attack. Telecommunication and Enterprises will protected with intelligent anti-DDOS security defense system. The system is designed to identify and protect effectively and precisely against varied common attacks such as DoS/DDoS. The The solution provides perfect protection for data centers, websites, information platforms, interactive entertainment and other Internet-based network service against malicious attacks and destruction.

Next Generation Firewall

The complexity of modern cyberattacks and advanced hacking methodologies are driving enterprises to look to next-generation firewalls for better security. New web-based malware and intrusion attempts bypass perimeter protections to exploit applications. Users are susceptible to malicious emails or phishing schemes, as these threats are concealed within the content itself, and are delivered over the network undetected. Initially, traditional firewalls just followed web protocols and weren’t intelligent enough to distinguish different kinds of web traffic. Their inability to inspect network-packet data and identify legitimate business applications and attacks forced them to either accept or reject all the traffic.

Our solution using the latest processing and technology to achieves deep integration with L4-L7 layer, which provides users with high performance and high reliability of the L4-L7 layer unified security protection. The solution will protecting your infrastructure out of the box, including rich feature of Firewall, IPS, Anti-Virus, Access Control, Longitudinal-Depth Protection, Network and Management, Link Load Balancing, Virtualization and Threat Intelligence.

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