A server is one of the most important elements to have in a tech-based company. For one thing, it accommodates your corporate applications and services. For another, it facilitates the collaborative use of the data that’s available to access in your company. The objective behind our server security service is to manufacture an accurate configuration, and protection of your server ensures optimal performance for your business.


A server with poor configuration can leave credentials to your company’s tools exposed. It also allows employees with little authorisation, and people outside of your organisation, to have full access to information contained in the server. They would be able to filter that information if their objective is to go against the interest of the company.

Another fundamental point that’ll preserve your server’s security lies within the idea that every worker in your company has a level of access to data that they correspond with. Leading on from that idea, accurate configuration preserves access to the most critical data for members with higher privileges. A final point that makes server security all the more necessary to have is that basic security methods are no longer sufficient. That’s why it is now essential to implement an additional layer of security on top of a traditional firewall.

To securing and testing your server Amandata offer end-to-end services:

  • We perform a comprehensive review over user access to the server. The shared elements and security policies also get examined.
  • We carry out an penetration test on your company’s servers to see if there are any faults or vulnerabilities.
  • With the results that we’d obtain, we configure the security of your server.


Upon completion of the security test, a detailed report is sent to the client, including the following:

  • Executive Summary: Summary of the purpose of this test, as well as as brief explanation of the threats facing the organization from a business perspective.
  • Findings: A detailed, technical explanation of the findings of the tests, with steps and proofs of the findings.
  • Conclusion & Recommendations: This section provides final recommendations and summary of the issues found in the security test.

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