Integrated Hybrid DDoS Defenses are necessary for today’s service providers. The combination of On-Premises DDoS Defenses combined with Cloud DDoS Defenses eliminates all DDoS attacks targeting both customers and infrastructure. The combination enables providers to deliver Managed DDoS Services with a multi-tenant Platform that produces the lowest operating costs in the industry. Amandata provides a Complete Service Provider DDoS Mitigation Solution that protects both customers and infrastructure; while enabling providers to deliver Managed DDoS Services with a multi-tenant Platform that produces the lowest operating costs in the industry.


Nearly all industry experts recognize the fact that defeating the broad spectrum of DDoS attacks requires more than just cloud DDoS defenses, and more than just on-premises defenses. It requires both. From volumetric DDoS attacks to low-and-slow DDoS attacks, the best approach to defeat all DDoS attacks requires a combination of on-premises defenses and cloud defenses – called Hybrid DDoS Defenses. This approach defeats all DDoS attacks regardless of their size, duration, or frequency.

When Hybrid DDoS Defenses are implemented, the on-premises defenses deployed in your network are completely capable of defeating attacks against customers – up to the point of your available Internet capacity. This is the only limitation to defeating all DDoS attacks, on-premises. If your capacity is nearly consumed by a massive attack, or collateral damage is being experienced, cloud defenses must be engaged to defeat attacks against infrastructure. Therefore, studies indicate that organizations today would like to see their provider offer DDoS defenses as part of their service offerings. In addition, those same studies indicate that nearly fifty percent of organizations would be willing to purchase Managed DDoS Services for a nominal fee added to their monthly bandwidth premiums. Simply put, service providers are in the perfect place to protect customers, while protecting their infrastructures and services – and profiting from it. Amandata proves that offering Managed DDoS Services will be revenue-generating.


Many providers view DDoS attacks as a costly expenditure. Not only are providers required to defend their own infrastructures from massive attacks, but also DDoS attacks threaten the primary “service” providers deliver, which is Internet connectivity. However, there has been a shift in thinking recently whereby providers are beginning to understand that DDoS attacks can be a business enabler. Transferring the costs associated with DDoS attacks to their customers is beginning to make a great deal of sense to providers all over the globe.

All providers must fully understand they are not normally the target of DDoS attacks. In most cases their “customers are the target”. If providers can defeat all DDoS attacks targeting their customers, they should be able to recognize a return on their investment for doing so. Not only can providers recognize new revenue streams by defeating DDoS attacks, they can also insure attacks do not impact their own infrastructures and their services as a side benefit.

Amandata XecureClean™ offer Hybrid DDoS Protection as Managed DDoS Services, a combination of  Cloud and Virtual On-Premise. Amandata cloud and on-premises defenses work in concert. Our Scrubbing Center located at Cyber 1 building, Jakarta has capability to protect Service Provider infrastructure and customer. Our virtual On-Premise solution will protect from slow/small attack up to your internet capacity and shifting to our Cloud Protection when your capacity saturated. XecureClean™ offer the latest technology solution with flexibility to customize your needs. 

Integrated Hybrid Solution
- Fastest-time-to-mitigation
- Fastest-time-to-deployment, infrastructure ready
- Up to 150G Protection (10G On-Premise, 140G Cloud)

Easy Management with Strong Automation
- Manual/Auto threshold
- Lowest operating cost for complete solution

Multi-Tenant Design Out-of-the-Box
- Pre-built customer portal, policies, configurations

24x7 Technical Support
- Cyber Security Expertise to Support 24 hours

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