Empower your organization with IT awareness training from global cyber security leaders. As data use increases, cyber security has become one of the most important aspects of a cyber strategy with individuals and organizations realizing the need for security and protection. As a global leader in cyber threat intelligence, Amandata understands that every cyber security strategy requires good cyber security awareness training.

For this reason, Amandata has created a customizable and interactive Cyber Awareness Training Program which provides a unique twist on engaging employees on security awareness education while making the process enjoyable.


Security awareness training represents a form of education where employees of various different levels are introduced to basic security concepts, regulations and policies. Trainings of this type are particularly suited for high-turnover organizations and those whose employees constantly exchange large amount of sensitive information.

Trainings are of vital necessity in order to ensure business continuity and secure your assets. It is widely accepted that the human factor is the weakest link within a company's cybersecurity and this makes security awareness even more important. The service provides three distinct forms of training depending on the target audience. Based on them, the topics covered are as follows:

Target audience: Employees of all levels

  • Data privacy
  • Spyware and adware
  • Phishing and vishing
  • Social engineering
  • Secure browsing
  • Workspace security
  • Data backups
  • Equipment disposal
  • Data disposal
  • Data recovery
  • Access rights
  • Targeted attacks
  • Breach aftermath
  • Incident response
  • Creating awareness


Target audience: Administrative personnel

  • Security basics
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • IT security governance
  • IT security process and program management
  • Defining and monitoring the security posture
Target audience: Technical parties

  • Threat modeling
  • Common attack types and their mitigation
  • Network security
  • Secure development concepts
  • Process management
  • Industry’s best practices

During the lecture course, employees gain theoretical knowledge of how to react to common threat scenarios with the corresponding plan(s) of action. As part of the training, threat models as well as various security concerns such as phishing, social engineering and others are presented to the trainees.


Amandata offer labs and a testing center for instruction in cyber security, digital forensics, information technology, cyber-crime, ethical hacking, and more.   The Cyber labs are equipped to enable students to work on real world forensic projects, recover data from networks, perform reverse malware engineering, and conduct penetration testing and defense in a virtual environment. Each lab is equipped with the very latest in smart classroom technology.

Amandata cyber security training center encompasses all the required training and academic environments and installations to deliver an optimal learning and training experience to clients needs.

  • Adjusting the facility interior design to suite the cyber excellence training center needs and standards.
  • Compatible Furniture and systems installation.
  • Facility monitoring and security systems design and installation

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